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Blasting Accessories

Electronic Detonator


Digital Electronic Detonator



Characters of the product.
This product is a digital electronic detonator with high safety, high reliability and high accuracy. The status of detonator can be inspected online and delay time can be adjusted online. The initiation network is with high reliability. The detonator is built in with product serial number and initiation code and inserted with anti-interference isolating circuit. The usage is safe and network design simple and convenient for operation.


Advantage for applicatio

High accuracy + delay time online setup(periods free)
 expand blasting scale
 optimize blasting planning.

High accuracy + delay time online setup
 lower the blasting vibration.

Anti-static, anti-radio frequency, anti-stray current, anti-AC/DC, prevent illegal initiation
high safety.

Blasting network can be inspected online(precise location)
 disconnection initiation
prevent blasting network destruction
 high reliability for the initiation network.

Range of application.
The product can be used for mining deep hole blasting project, tunnel and underground blasting, dismantlement blasting, underwater blasting, municipal complicated environment control blasting, chamber blasting and so on.
This product is especially fit for hole to hole accurate millisecond delay blasting, millisecond delay blasting of interference for vibration reduction, big scale non-surface detonator millisecond delay blasting of interference for vibration reduction, severe condition high reliability blasting, high safety requirement blasting and precision blasting.








I type(0~100ms)

accuracy deviation less than 1ms


II type(100~16000ms)

accuracy deviation less than 1%.


Detonator power

#8 digital electronic detonator


Shell O.D



Shell length



Leg wire length

2m(other lengths can be provided)


Main technical parameters



Programmable delay range



Delay program minimum time interval:



Delay accuracy: 0~100ms   






Built-in production manufacturer code, product serial code, initiation code


Two wire type two-way non-polarity network communication


On-line inspection, achievement of failure free reliable initiation


Anti-static 25Kv, anti-radio frequency, anti-stray current


Anti-AC/DC: 220VAC、50VDC


Usage temperature: -20℃~+80℃


Vibration resistance

after 10mins vibration on the vibrator compliable with WJ231 standard, no explosion should occur.


Initiation ability

should penetrate lead plate with 5mm thickness, lead plate penetration hole diameter should not be less than the OD of the detonator.






200pcs/carton(2m leg wire)


Expiration time

18 months